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fuck im hard and need to cum

mmmm fuckkkkk im so fucking horny unf.

I'm 18 and a girl and I'm also a virgin and I've never been touched actually I've never done anything sexual before besides getting like rubbed ontop of my clothes. I'm super nervous about my first time and I don't know how to relax about it. I masturbate and I'm pretty sure I broke my hymen when I was younger but I'm still freaking out. Can you give me tips on how to relax and what position would be best. Thank you so much.


thank you for asking me this question, i hope i can answer it the best possible for you. how soon are u expecting/wanting to lose it? usually if you finger a finger or 2 in as far as you can you have a fairly decent possibility of losing it. im not a girl but i imagine u should have a chance of trying to feel if you have it now. as far as relaxing thats completely up to you. it needs to be comfortable to you, the guy youre doing it with, if you want to use protection or not (of course safe condom sex is always recommended and/or taking the pill is as well, but dont get mad at me if happen to get pregnant.), etc. missionary of course *you on ur back or some sort of slight angle to help him adjust his speed and that for sliding into you*, or legs over his shoulders or spread wide.

two tips. make sure hes very willing to listen to and take care of you. if not you will someone who is willing to, trust me, screw him for being lame. its not worth it.
2nd would be to make sure you are quite wet. so foreplay/whatever gets you horny and wet is highly suggested. maybe also having a waterbased lube if you are using condoms or water or oilbased for regular sex.

hope this helps you anon. and youre welcome.

I never really ask for or want head all that much but lately I’ve been so horny while feeling bleh at the same time so it would just be awesome to be able to experience that, bein able to relax n enjoy feeling good for once…sigh.


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oh fuck im so fucking horny

so after about 2 hrs i finished snow blowing/shoveling my moms driveway/sidewalks/etc and brought up wood for the fireplace, i really dont have much energy left after about 4 hrs of sleep. definitely time to smoke a bowl and take a nap before football starts. I would, HOWEVER, very much enjoy a lovely lil wet pussy to lap up before or after…or hey why not, even both, the nap occurs….

chilling watching/listening to mtvclubland right now super baked with head phones on…oh man, and they started out with some pretty awesome shit.

omfg i had a crazy good orgasm about an hr and a half ago and im so fucking horny and hard once again. i just want to make a pretty lil pussy cum and cum in my mouth and then feel her orgasm all around me and then smoke a bowl and let me rub her back

2013 has been the worse year i could have ever imagined. i tried to embrace it and say ok im ready to get past this but it just gets worse and worse. im sick of trying and crying…i have no idea what to do/what to do differently :’(

mmmmm fuck fuck im so very fucking ridiculously hard. 

mmmm fuck im so fucking horny and hard right now…ugh i want a yummy lil wet pussy in my mouth so fucking bad